Aluminum Caprate
Aluminum Palmitate
P-Aminobenzoic acid
Benzyl Acetoacetate
Benzyl Benzoate
Benzyl Butyrate
Benzyl Cinnamate
Benzyl Formate
Calcium Ascorbate
Calcium Bromate
Calcium Caprate
Calcium Caprylate
Calcium Carbonate
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Carboxymethyl cellulose
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Citronellyl Acetates
Citronellyl Butyrate
Diethyl Malate
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Disodium Citriate
Erythorbic Acid
Ethyl Acetate
Neryl Acetate
Neryl Butyrate
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Ethyl Vanillin
Ethtyl Vanillin Isobutyrate
Ethyl Vanillin Beta-D-Glucopyranoside
Ethyl Vanillin Propyleneglycol Acetal
Ferric Citrate
Ferrous Ascorbate
Ferrous Citrate
Ferrous Fumarate
Ferrous Lactate
Ferrous Gluconate
Geranyl Formate
Lauric Acid
Lauryl Acetate
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Linalyl Acetate
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Magnesium Caprate
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Musk, Ketone
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Potassium Caprylate
Potassium Caprate
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Potassium Bisulfite


Potassium Bicarbonate

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CAS No.: 298-14-6

M.W.: 100.12,

Thermal Decomposition: Decomposes without melting into K2CO3, H2O and CO2. Decomposes rapidly at 350F(176C).

pH, [1% Solution at 77F (25C)]: Approx. 8.2

Apllication of Potassium Bicarbonate:

Potassium bicarbonate is an odorless, non-combustible, white crystalline powder, stable under normal conditions. It contains no toxic additives and is not listed as a carcinogen or potential carcinogen.

Potassium bicarbonate is a versatile chemical used in many common applications including:

Production method as following:

Potassium bicarbonate can produced by reacting potassium carbonate with carbon dioxide, then recrystalizing it. All equipment used from production to packaging is dedicated solely to potassium bicarbonate

Solubility of potassium bicarbonate as following chart: