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Potassium Alginate

(CAS#: 9005-36-1)

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CAS: 9005-36-1


1 )Refined: white powder, odorless and tasteless, can be easily dissolved in water to form a colorless and transparent solution.
2 )Ordinary: brown powder, can be easily dissolved in water to form a brown solution, with a little algal taste.

Use Function:

1 ) Adjusting hypertension, cleansing blood, delaying cardiovascular aging, improving microcirculation and preventing various cardiovascular diseases.
2 ) Supplementing wellness nutrient - potassium
3 ) Help removal of health compromising elements from our body ĘC excrete sodium
4 ) Help reduce blood viscosity

Recommended dosage (take example for 250ml drink) :

Adjusting Blood Pressure Type Add 3-4g per 250ml. drink, 250ml.daily suggested for general hypertension sufferers, and 500ml. suggested for serious ones.
Health Protection Type Add 1-2g per 250ml. drink, 250-500ml. daily.
Range of Application
Adjusting Blood Pressure Type Hypertension and coronary disease sufferers.
Health Protection Type Middle and old aged people, as well as adults who are suffering fat, high blood lipid and have the family-genetic history of hypertension.

Alginates are salts of the long-chain, carbohydrate biopolymer Alginic Acid. They are extracted from various species of brown algae (seaweed) and purified to a white powder. The alginates have different characteristics of viscosity and reactivity based on the specific algal source and the ions in solution. The common salts used in the food and pharmaceutical industries are sodium alginate, potassium alginate, and propylene glycol alginate.

Alginic acid itself is insoluble, but the salts are hydrocolloids (materials that bind or absorb water). It is popular as a thickener, stabilizer, emulsifier, coating and gelling agent. Printers use it in inks and textile dyes; pharmaceutical manufacturers use it as a binder, time release agent and film former in antacids; and beverage companies use it to add body and stabilize foam.

It is very common in the food industry for use in salad dressings to thicken and stabilize emulsions; in ice cream to add bulk and prevent crystal growth; in jellies and pie fillings to form gels; in low calorie formulations to improve texture and hunger satisfaction; and in baked goods to hold moisture and delay staling.

Alginates are generally acid stable and heat resistant. Adjusting the concentration of calcium ions, which cause crosslinking, controls gel strength. Combining alginate with other gums, such as pectin, increases viscosity dramatically.

Dispersing low concentrations of alginate is usually easy in ambient temperature water. Hard water or very cold water makes it more difficult. Alginate concentrations above 2% will require high shear mixing to eliminate clumps and fisheyes. Both the Admix Rotosolver ? and Rotostat ? are ideal for quickly dispersing alginate without forming clumps. These sanitary high-speed mixers combine high flow with high shear to increase mixing efficiency and productivity."


1. Acute tissue reactions to potassium alginate with and without colour/flavour additives.

The acute tissue reactions to potassium alginate, locally applied to a microvascular bed, were studied with the use of the vital microscopic hamster cheek pouch model combined with correlative histology. This experimental model permitted us to study microvascular permeability, blood flow, vessel diameters and leucocyte adhesion to vessel walls intravitally, and leucocyte migration and mastcell degranulation histologically. Deionized water alone and potassium alginate with flavour and colour mixed in saline was found to cause severe microvascular alterations, while potassium alginate, without flavour and colour, but mixed in saline and applied to the microvasculature resulted in a minor inflammatory reaction.